Welcome to the world of Oscalithion but to be more specific the warm continent of Ugulith also known as the continent of warmth and war. It is a warm and beautiful continent that is both rich and vibrant with flora, fauna and resources. It is most known for it’s rich forests, jungles, Grasslands ripe for farming and rolling Savannah’s. It’s people are hearty and mostly happy with their lives.

Ugulith has been in a perpetual state of cold war for over a century ever since the six warring nations pushed one to the bring of destruction. In it’s desperation the Athnad empire turned their most powerful high Wizard into a Lich as a way to enable him to exhibit even more power and the ability to raise both the Athnadians own dead as well as their enemy’s to fight back. This plan however backfired horribly and the High wizard, an ambitious teifling by the name of Zherron, began to turn the entire empire into an undead one under his leadership. The most surprising thing he then did was lead an attack toward the very borders of Athnad at the helm of a massive undead army, but all he did was push the invaders out with such a terrifying and brutal assault that since then none of the other five empires have dared to attack both Athnad and each other for fear of weakening themselves to the point were Athnad could sweep through their lands and take them over with ease. However for over a century there has been an eerie silence over the lands of Athnad which has lead to a cold war between the other five kingdoms which now only show the utmost caution in their actions.

The Braeneian Kingdom is a fey empire situated within the Zalyks woods and the surrounding areas it is mostly populated by Elves, Gnomes, Halflings, Undines, sylphs and Oreads. There are also a number of Kitsune and Samsarans though their numbers are very few. Their Capital is Thelaien which is a wondrous woodland city built into and around six gargantuan trees that form a sort of spiral around a seventh Colossal tree in the middle. The kingdom shares it’s borders with the Phaisegon and Slanait Kingdoms. This empire is on good terms with a Green dragon named Tavorth, also known as the green shadow of death to some of the more superstitious.

The Phaisegon Empire Is an Empire that welcomes all races and took in many of Athnad’s refugees as they fled the darkening land. This kingdom is wide and shares it’s borders with the Braeneian and Yutus kingdoms and shares a good trade and diplomatic relationship with both which has made all three empires prosperous. However what makes the Phaisegon empire the most peculiar of the five kingdoms remaining is that for the past six hundred years there has been the same monarch A golden Clad woman by the name of Naugehal, also know as the Golden mother.

The Yutus Kingdom Is a mostly human empire but is tolerant to the other species doting Ugulith however they are very mistrusting toward Teiflings and Ifrits mostly because they had the most brutal wars a century ago with the Grenyth Kingdom which is mostly populated by those races. They share a border with The Phaisegon empire and have good relations with them but on the other side their borders lie toward the Raging wilds which have only very few and small city states.

The Grenyth Kingdom is mostly populated by Tieflings and Ifrits who are at the top of the hierarchy followed by the other races, though despite being the smallest of the kingdoms their military is still powerful enough to be on par with the other kingdoms. Their capital is Skelt, a Large city with towering spires surrounded by farmlands. They share their borders with the Raging wilds and the Slanait Kingdom. It is the only one of the kingdoms that is wholly sufficient and stable though like the other kingdoms and lands they deal with the occasional incursion of arrogant Goblinoid warlords but life there is relatively peaceful.

The Slanait Kingdom is by far the vastest of the five kingdoms as it encompasses the middle one of the three “claws” of Ugulith as they are called as well as quite a bit into the middle of Uguliths central lands. Their Capital is Warcester which is their most northern and largest city. It is by far the most unstable of the kingdoms which might be due to it’s sheer size which encroaches on a number of dragon lairs as well as Goblinoid territory’s.

There are two large city states which are worth mentioning one which is just above the Grenyt Kingdom which is named Zestrictor, A large mostly Tiefling, Ifrit and oddly drow populated city state. The other is built into a large mountain named Therbadur after the city state itself. It is populated by Dwarfs and Duregar and both species live in harmony with one another and both play to their strengths, though over the years a few Gnomes have been migrating to it which has only enriched the city for it.

Beside these kingdoms and city states there are a number of other smaller city’s and towns which are unaffiliated with any kingdom but they do either tap into or help connect the trade routes running through Ugulith one of the most prominent one is named Greenflower and is the busiest and larges market city in the entire continent with goods from every corner and kingdom coming to and from this city.

Oscalithion: The Ungulith Cronicles