Death is the solution to all problems.


Taken in by a elderly Gnome couple as a child, his life was spent as peaceful farming for the start until he watched his adoptive parents die in a raid by the Athnad empire. As such though he was much to young to join a full military contingent but was allowed to join one regiment as their runner for getting and replying to orders. He witnessed the horror when the Athnad empire turned a horde of undeads and other unholy constructs upon the alliance and saw as the brave six golden dragons fought to keep the horde at bay to give the others a change to escape.

for the past 100 as he was fully growing up he has been on the road meeting with a friend of his named Torinn as he was about to reach adulthood. Now however he has been contracted by the mayor of Kessen’s hold to help in their rite of passage this year.


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